Raj and Howard usually disagreed, despite being close friends.

Raj and Howard usually disagreed, despite being close friends.

Penny realizing that she’s got slept with Raj.

Penny is Raj’s most useful friend that is female Raj has, though he’s just had the opportunity to speak with her when drunk. Penny often attempts to make Raj talk, but mostly seems sorry for him, such as for instance by calling him a strange small man, damaged, and also kissing him in the cheek, while Raj thinks her become considerate of him. There are occasions where their relationship with Penny becomes not as much as platonic – especially in „The Griffin Equivalency“, where he misinterprets her going with him to an honor ceremony being an work of love in place of relationship and presents Penny to their moms and dads as their „new squeeze“ as he had been drunk. He attempted to apologize by note, but Penny forced him to express the apology while sober. In „The Roommate Transmogrification“, Raj and Penny installed as they had been leaving the bedroom after waking up hours later, ran into Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon while they were drunk and had sex with each other before falling asleep, and. In „The Skank Reflex Analysis“, Raj claims to Penny they would not have intercourse or any physical working out alternatively, Raj ejaculated prematurely whenever Penny tried to help him placed on their security after which they fell asleep (however in truth, Raj made this through to the fly to tell Penny due to them both being drunk and neither of those recalling just what really occurred in their one-night stand). Raj asks Penny to not inform anybody relating to this incident, to which Penny agrees. They accept to return to being simply buddies. She agreed for white guys“ that he could tell others that „their light shone too quickly and brightly“, but couldn’t tell people that he „ruined her. In „The Wiggly Finger Catalyst“, Penny sets him up by having a deaf buddy of hers that will keep in touch with latin mail order bride him by signing and ultimately ends up to be always a gold-digger. In „The Santa Simulation“, Penny invites him along up to a girls‘ particular date in addition they try and locate him a lady although absolutely nothing works away. She desires to find him a gf, but twice her attempts fail. In „The Bon Voyage Reaction“, Penny comforts Raj after Lucy breaks up they realized the breakup allowed him to start talking to women without alcohol with him, during which. In “ The reverberation“ that is hook-up Penny is mad that Raj told their gf, Emily, about their „hook up“, since Emily hates her for this. In „The Comet Polarization“, Penny finds a comet that is new the gang ended up being utilizing Raj’s telescope. Raj first takes credit for the development until Penny demands he be reasonable about this. Penny reached do a little technology.


Raj’s relationship with Bernadette is somewhat strained, however they are close friends, due to him having key emotions of her and fantasizing about Howard making in which he having to meet her intimate requirements. Whenever Penny begins a rumor that is false Bernadette is splitting up with Howard, Raj starts to awkwardly hit on the at the Cheesecake Factory (after consuming a grasshopper). Whenever Howard proposes to her, Raj is the only person to encourage him to propose, while they all knew the effect. But, whenever Bernadette takes their proposition, Raj is crushed. When you look at the period 5 premiere, Bernadette is upset for her, expressed through inappropriately worded poems (Oh Bernadette, please play my clarinet) because she learns that Raj had feelings. She learns this from Howard, whom himself discovered from it during a disagreement with Raj and Leonard earlier that day over their presumably intimate encounter with Penny, where Leonard accused Raj of dropping in love with any woman whom smiled at him, utilizing Bernadette for instance (to Howard’s surprise). Leonard had himself discovered of the into the season that is previous Priya. Plenty of exactly what Raj does, Bernadette discovers creepy including their relationship together with her spouse.. Interestingly, whenever Howard exists a chance where he might maybe maybe maybe not endure, Raj constantly proposes become with Bernadette. In „The Tesla Recoil“, Bernie is afraid that her co-worker Raj is wanting to steal her jobs. Raj foretells Ruchi resulting in their relationship being strained.

Amy Farrah Fowler

Asking Amy become their virtual wing-man.

In „The Santa Simulation“, he informs Amy like his crush on Penny and Bernadette that he was never interested in her. She then attracts him away that they both missed the business of this sex that is opposite. They speak about their humiliations while growing up to Raj states he finds is as half as much a lovely person as Amy that he hopes that the woman. Amy then states me, I’m good that he wants. She claims that they’ll leave now, demonstrably getting straight right right back at Raj. Then Raj informs Penny regarding the way to avoid it that now he might fall for Amy. At Amy’s recommendation, Raj invites her to dinner with him and Lucy since the first when you look at the gang to hold down along with her. Things get fine until Amy mentions Lucy’s social issues and Raj pushes her a lot of. Amy additionally asks Raj at Leonard’s going away celebration, where Lucy is showing concern for him. She actually is the only buddy that calls him Rajesh in the place of Raj. In „The Friendship Turbulence“, Raj asks Amy to react to a woman that replied Raj’s dating website. Although the girl believes that Raj is simply too bashful and passive, she does strike up a relationship with Amy. After Raj fees in to their coffee get-together, Raj ruins a feasible relationship for both of them. They ultimately mend fences after Emily. Howard and Raj assistance Amy with Bert’s crush on the and they find yourself going on her behalf date with Bert up to a stone show. „the alteration Constant“, Amy will not like her image on the net searching therefore frumpy, therefore Raj provides her a total makeover.

Stuart Bloom

At Howard’s household.

You start with the „The Date Variable“, Raj became closer friends with Stuart since Howard was away on the ISS night. They venture out to pubs hunting for women and do other things Raj and Howard I did so. Stuart relocated in with Raj to leave of the straight back regarding the book store that is comic. They held events at the book that is comic together (for Halloween and romantic days celebration) and Stuart allow Raj borrow the store for the scavenger look in „The Scavenger Vortex“. The pair of them attempt to assist each other discover dates, such as for example with internet dating („The Ra >Bert

In “ The long-distance Dissonance“, Raj moves away from Leonard and Penny’s apartment and moves to the space over Bert’s storage.

In „The Meteorite Manifestation“, Bert wishes Raj’s assistance cutting open a meteorite by having a musical organization saw. Leonard really wants to take action together with laser, but Bert declines. Leonard gets mad that he’s overlooked. He steals the meteorite, cuts it open after which gets contaminated by having an alien virus that turns him directly into a flesh eating zombie. Fine, he had been dreaming that. He then wakes up, starts to glow and then attacks Penny and wakes up once more. Finally he apologizes to Bert and Raj.


Beverly Hofstadter

Raj specially dislikes Leonard’s mom Beverly because this woman is such an annoying cold girl. He is maybe maybe maybe not pleased with her convinced that he and Howard come in an“ ersatz homosexual relationship“. Additionally, Beverly and Raj haven’t spoken to each other during Raj’s selective mutism (failure to speak with ladies outside their household) which showed up from the very first episode until the summer season 6 finale as well as nevertheless haven’t talked even with Raj is cured from it, but Beverly heard him speaking at Sheldon’s party, while they nevertheless did not communicate.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

In „The Stockholm Syndrome“, Raj fulfills the „Buffy the Vampire Slayer“ celebrity in the their air plane trip to Stockholm in which he invites her towards the Nobel Prize|ceremony. Raj needs to be reminded they are instead of a date and therefore this woman is hitched. Sheldon is astonished and remarks seeing her through the phase during their Nobel acceptance message.

Unlike one other characters that are main Raj’s intimate relationships have not been really severe or lasting, mostly because of their incapacity to speak to ladies. He has received a range one-night-stands and brief times. Impressively however, Raj ended up being the very first one amongst the four to obtain set in the show in „the center Earth Paradigm“ at Penny’s Halloween celebration. He could be a lot more effective in casual intercourse than the greater intimately aggressive Howard, and, on the list of dudes, has great attract excessively appealing ladies. He has got/had a huge crush on Howard’s fiancee (now spouse), Bernadette Rostenkowski, that has stated exactly exactly exactly how wonderful a guy he could be and has now called him a „cutie pie“, similar to Penny. At one point, Raj suggests that he’s dating a „deaf chick“ before he ever fulfills Penny’s deaf buddy Emily, though later admitted this to be always a lie.

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